Kräuterquark with fresh Kräexplain and lemon

I have finally done it. My new raised bed and it is filled to the brim with fresh herbs. With the herbs I use most in my kitchen. I am soooo very happy that my mind immediately came to my classic Herbs cottage cheese with fresh herbs and lemon on the Blog.

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When I was in the garden market, to me the herbs for the raised bed to buy, I am a herb-pot-spending spree killing. I have bought many that I could not plant all the herbs in my raised bed. At the end of the song was that I put some in a large bucket. The power, Yes, but nothing, then I have to for some of the delicious herbs Chen stop bending over 😉 . But finally all here, and not even have to go, if I've forgotten or if I try new recipes. Great, great, great. In addition, I now have more space in the vegetable compartment. Also good 😉 .

The Quark is for my girls and me, by the way "girls quark". Because he is just so delicious that he ends up in almost every girls ' night on the table, no matter what organized by the evening. We plastered him mostly with fresh Baguette or dark bread, or eat it as a Dip with raw vegetable Sticks.


I love the cream cheese is also very fresh, boiled new potatoes (with peel or without) with a crisp salad as a side dish. Or fried potatoes or baked potatoes and all potato variations that you can imagine. I mentioned once that I'm a big Kartoffelfan 😉 ? You can, but to also serve grilled vegetables.

Now I'm going to give it to me, but directly on the fresh, French Baguette. Fortunately, it is still sufficient because of the photographs.

Here You can find a more refreshing Dip version of me: My original Greek Tzatziki .